Three Winning Teams for HVJ Associates in Austin for TxDOT’s IDC Pool

July 9, 2019

HVJ Associates® is on three winning prime teams to provide on-call geotechnical services, HTNB, AECOM and Pape-Dawson Engineers, for TxDOT’s Professional Engineering Procurement Services (PEPS) Indefinite Delivery Contract. Each prime contract is valued at approximately $12 Million. The work could include preliminary engineering services such as development of a design schematic , environmental documents/studies in support of the schematic work, public involvement, permit procurement, data collection analysis, mitigation and remediation, monitoring, drainage, conceptual traffic control, traffic projections, traffic engineering and operations including traffic simulations and 3-D modeling, surveying and mapping, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), and utility coordination for various highway projects located within the State of Texas. This is on-call work and the contract is expected to run through September, 2024.

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