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City of Houston Broadway Street Reconstruction
Houston, Texas

HVJ provided recommendations for the Broadway Street reconstruction project that extended from IH-45 to Old Galveston Road in Houston, Texas - an alignment of approximately 1.7 miles. Project elements included: replacement of waterlines, storm sewers, traffic signals pavement reconstruction, recommendations for the installation of utilities using both open-cut and auguring techniques, as well as recommendations for bedding and backfill, excavation stability, bore stability and groundwater control. An alternative method for subgrade stabilization using water soluble polymers rather than lime was used for this project to assess if it is a faster placement. The research is still in progress, and about 1000 feet of Broadway Street will be stabilized with this polymer after optimizing the polymer percentage. HVJ calculated what the rigid pavement thickness for Broadway Street should be using the DARWin Pavement Design program (AASHTO based Design Procedure). Reinforcement details and subgrade stabilization recommendations were also provided for the pavement.

City of Houston Northbelt Wastewater Treatment Plant
Houston, Texas

HVJ conducted a geotechnical investigation for the improvements undertaken for the Northbelt Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) located at 14506 Smith Road in Houston, Texas. The improvements consisted of rehabilitation and upgrade of the existing lift station, installation of various electrical equipment, and replacement of the existing sodium bisulfite tank and containment area. With data generated from the geotechnical investigation, HVJ provided foundation design recommendations for the new sodium bisulfite tank and concrete containment area. Our recommendations called for a conventionally reinforced slab-on-grade foundation and mat foundation for the proposed tank and containment area and included allowable bearing capacity, modulus of subgrade reaction, floor slab and settlement.

City of Houston Cindy Lane at West TC Jester Boulevard
Houston, Texas

HVJ conducted a geotechnical investigation for the repair of a storm sewer outfall pipe at White Oak Bayou near the intersection of Cindy Lane and West TC Jester Boulevard in Houston, Texas. The repair included replacing a portion of the 66-inch diameter pipe at the bottom of the bayou bank that is approximately 77 feet in length. Challenges faced by HVJ during this project included a large sinkhole near the outfall pipe and unsuitable soils were encountered at the pipe invert depth. The pipe is next to the bayou making control of the groundwater difficult during construction. HVJ provided recommendations for sinkhole backfill, control of groundwater and the foundation base for the pipe.

Public Works and Engineering (IDIQ Contract)
City of Houston

Over the years HVJ has played an instrumental role as a materials testing consultant to the City of Houston on numerous infrastructure projects. Ranges of projects include new or re-construction of street, bridges, sidewalks, drainage, water and wastewater facilities. Based on our experience, capabilities and familiarity with City of Houston rules and regulations, HVJ has been one of the leading providers for quality assurance and quality control services for these projects ensuring that the materials incorporated into the project meet the minimum project requirements. Scope of services include earthwork/backfill monitoring and testing; stabilization recommendations and testing; concrete and asphalt monitoring and testing; foundation inspections; masonry monitoring and testing; non-destructive testing and engineering recommendations on non-compliant materials. Some of the key projects that HVJ performed the QA/QC role for City of Houston include:

Cambridge Bridge and Paving
East End Water Plan Improvements
George R. Brown Expansion, Phase II
Kirkwood Paving and Drainage Improvements
High Star Paving
Safe Sidewalk Program
Hayes Road Paving
Waterline Replacement in South Hampton
Reconstruction of West Bellfort
Airline Drainage Improvement
Buffalo Speedway and Paving
Rogerdale Reconstruction
Park Glen Pump Station upgrades
Spring Branch Street Reconstruction

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