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Coastal Water Authority Replacement of Dual 48-inch Culvert/Siphons

HVJ conducted a geotechnical investigation for the replacement of dual 48-inch culvert/siphons for a canal at the crossing of FM 1942 and Hatcherville in Mont Belvieu in Chambers County, Texas. The project included providing design and construction recommendations for the culvert replacement. The invert depth of the culvert was about 12 feet below the existing grade. HVJ provided recommendations for the bearing capacity, lateral earth pressure coefficients, excavation stability, bedding and backfill, and groundwater control.

WHCRWA Central Pump Station
Houston, Texas

The project upon construction will include a 200 million gallon per day (MGD) high service pump station, termed the Central Pump Station. The 40-acre site is located on land bordered by Westfield Village Drive on the west, Fry Road on the east, Clay Road on the south and Ricewood Village Subdivision on the north. The proposed facilities at the pump station includes construction of a 200 MGD pump station; four to six, 10 to 15-MG concrete storage tanks with diameters varying between 220 ft to 270 ft; chemical disinfection facilities, office/administration building; storage building; utilities; and parking lot with access roads. HVJ will conduct geotechnical investigations in two phases.

Harris County Flood Control District U520 Basin Improvements

The project involved improvements to U520 Basin located on the southeast side of FM 529 and Greenhouse Road in Harris County, Texas. The proposed improvements entailed expanding the existing basins to provide additional storage volume. Three existing basins will be expanded and deepened, and one new basin will be constructed. The total area of the basin is approximately 95 acres with a maximum depth of approximately 20 feet below the existing grade. HVJ performed soil borings, laboratory tests and engineering and slope stability analysis and provided the minimum side slopes required for the construction of basins.

Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer Project

This Interbasin Transfer Project will include a raw water intake structure and pump station, 3 miles of pipeline, a sedimentation basin, and approximately 26.5 miles of canal. The Capers Ridge Pump Station (CRPS) is located on the Trinity River. The pipeline extends west southwest approximately 3 miles along a geological ridge (Capers Ridge). The pipeline then outfall into the sedimentation basin at the start of the canal. The canal outfalls into the lower reaches of Luce Bayou, which flows into the northeastern corner of Lake Houston. Scope of the materials consultant included testing and inspection of concrete and aggregates, rebar testing/inspection, soils, foundation inspection, road materials asphalt, structural steel (welds and other connections), large diameter waterline weld inspections, coatings, masonry, mortar and grout.

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