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Babe's Chicken Restaurant
Frisco, Texas

HVJ provided geotechnical engineering services for construction of a 9,000-square foot restaurant in Frisco Heritage Center.

Commercial and Retail Projects
Greater Houston Area, Texas

Through commitment to service, HVJ has also served numerous small to mid-size commercial and retail projects in Greater Houston Area.  Representative projects include commercial banks, retail shopping malls, convenient stores, warehouses, entertainment facilities and hospitality industries.  The Scope of services generally includes special inspections for foundation, concrete, reinforcing and structural steel, decking, bolting, fireproofing, floor flatness/levelness, and pavement.

Ennis State Bank Geotechnical Investigation
Dallas, Texas

This project involves the demolition of an existing parking lot and the construction of a canopy structure and pavement for driveways and parking associated with Ennis State Bank. The purpose of this study was to perform a geotechnical investigation and provide design and construction recommendations for the canopy structure and pavement.

Master Planned Communities - Riverstone
Fort Bend County, Texas

A master-planned community encompassing 13,000 acres which continues to be developed for upscale homes. Water features and resort-style amenities help define the landscape of one of Houston's most affluent neighborhoods.   HVJ continues to provide engineering, material testing and inspection services to the owner.

“HVJ has performed all of our soil and compaction services, structural steel connection inspections and all of our rebar/concrete inspections for package 1. We are pleased to have them onboard to perform services on our next two packages.  HVJ met all of Gilbane’s demands from early morning concrete pours to late evening compaction testing.  Test results are always returned in a timely manner which has allowed us to quickly review the results and get them into the hands of our Owner and Engineer.”

Derico R. Lewis,
Project Superintendent

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