Austin Energy TCPs - bike lane and capitol

Streamlined Traffic Control Plans Expedite Austin Energy Service Expansion


Project Background 

Austin Energy’s Electric Service Delivery Division oversees the design and construction of distribution improvements for more than 500,000 customers (507,660 as of 2020) in their service area, and they devote the majority of their construction projects to expanding electrical services.  

Often, these projects are in proximity to public roads, so they require careful planning to minimize inconveniences to the public and maximize safety for everyone. Austin Energy’s traffic control plans (TCP’s) are each unique, to fit the specific location and type of project. 

Contracted through Stanley Consultants, HVJ's public sector expertise and dedication to the well-being of our stakeholders uniquely positioned us to assist Austin Energy in this project. 

Practice:        Civil/Pavement  Engineering

Sector:            Roads 

Location:        Austin 

Services:        Traffic Control Plans 

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The Problem

TCP’s can range in complexity, with each site and project type offering different variables that must be accounted for to safely move traffic through construction areas:

  • Austin’s ongoing and rapid expansion of bike facilities in the roadway throughout the city 
  • Proximity to intersections, school zones, one-way roads, public transportation lanes and Metro transit stops, etc. 
  • Traffic levels (arterial vs local road) and corresponding speed limits 

The Goal

To support Austin Energy’s expansion of electrical services to its customers, HVJ was determined to save Austin Energy time and money by decreasing turnaround time for the development of the complex TCP’s. This required deep understanding of traffic control concepts and a high level of concern for the safety of both workers and the travelling public. 

The Solution

Through our commitment to responsive communication, and the creative application of our experience in the public sector, HVJ developed a documentation solution that streamlined the TCP design process and facilitated Austin Energy’s permit submission process.  

This customized application empowered our team to regularly update clients about the progress of their traffic control plans, which in turn increased the volume of plans created and improved progress tracking and turnaround time. As a result, we were able to save our client’s time, reduce their expenses, and contribute to the safety of the Austin community.  

“HVJ Representatives have been friendly, knowledgeable, and very responsive to all of our traffic control plan needs.” 

Tara Delegarza

Austin Energy 

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