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We enable franchise owners to build and sustain a successful and respected engineering business more quickly, and with less risk than they can do on their own.

The Opportunity

The HVJ Associates® franchise is a revolutionary and unique platform to build a successful engineering business. Most engineers have extensive education and practical engineering experience but little to no knowledge of how to run an effective business. Many that go into business either fail outright or never achieve their full potential. By providing proven business systems, we will leverage the owner’s technical knowledge and professional network into a thriving business. We provide an established successful business development platform and brand reputation, with a well-established network of statewide relationships. We also provide locally owned and operated businesses that can support public sector agency goals for business diversity.

How It Works

Branchising. What is that?  That is how HVJ approaches franchising engineering services. To reduce the capital needed to start a franchise, and to implement and embody our culture and systems, we start each location as a branch office. The branch manager is the future franchisee and goes through training during this period. Once the branch reaches a sufficient revenue threshold, we create the franchise through a combined asset purchase agreement of the branch assets and a franchise agreement. Executing these agreements converts the HVJ owned branch to an independently owned and operated franchise with existing staff, equipment, clients, and projects intact.

Who's A Fit?

Franchisees need the following to be successful:

Engineering background sufficient to license the franchisee firm as an engineering company.

Experience in and willingness to focus on the public sector.

Wants to work in the business full time.

Energy and a drive to succeed.

Are confident but humble

Committed to lifelong learning


Good Team Player

Commitment to stakeholder satisfaction

Comfort with implementing and improving franchise systems

If this sounds like you, please contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Success Stories

“The franchise initiative opened up huge opportunity for me to move from an employee to a business owner. I’m managing owner of the second franchise launched in October of 2016 with its head office in Austin, Texas. We opened its second office in San Antonio, Texas in 2017 and were able to win a multiple year Geotechnical/CoMET Contract with the City of San Antonio the same year. The overall staff size of the firm has grown from 24 to 50 in less than three years. We maintain outstanding client satisfaction with net promoter score of 85, and are the firm of choice to many of our clients.”
Muhammad Mustafa - HVJ Associates

Muhammad Mustafa

“I’m proud to own the first franchise providing geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services in the country, HVJ Associates®. I started in 2016 with 17 employees and my staff is now over 50, we’ve seen revenue growth of 67%. We opened a Fort Worth office, and a project lab for DFW Connector Phase 4 which is a $4.5 Million OVT contract with Jacobs and TxDOT Fort Worth District. We’ve received multiple awards in the last 3 years including PSMJ Circle of Excellence, Client Savvy Premier Award, Best and Brightest Companies to work for, and ENR Top 500 Design Firms.”
Dev Chelliah - HVJ Associates

Dev Chelliah

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