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We design foundations, earth structures, and pavement subgrades with a focus on public infrastructure projects giving us detailed knowledge and enabling superior results. We reliably deliver satisfaction through a relentless focus on people skills and business processes.

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Geotechnical Services

Our deep understanding of public infrastructure project delivery, superior engineering knowledge and relevant experience is crucial but is not enough. We go past boilerplate solutions, through listening, to understand the specific project and client success drivers. HVJ reliably delivers what is needed, when it is needed, by anticipating problems to avoid them, taking ownership, and keeping commitments.

Foundation Design

Design of the subsurface portion of bridges, buildings, and other structures to support the required loads with tolerable settlement.

Deep Foundations

Designing drilled shaft, driven pile, and auger cast pile foundations to support heavy foundation loads and/or reduce foundation settlement to tolerable levels.

Shallow Foundations

Designing spread footings and/or mat foundations  to support the required loads at tolerable settlement levels.

Retaining Walls

Design of earth retention for cut, fill, or combined locations through Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE), Cast-in-place concrete, drilled shaft, tieback, or soil nail retaining walls.

Slope Stability

Assessing the stability of existing or proposed slopes, retaining walls, and structures and designing to address project requirements or right-of-way restrictions

Slope Failure Repair

Evaluating the cause of slope failure and designing measures to stabilize slope movement using geogrid, sheet pile, and other methods.

Settlement Analysis/Design

Assessing the amount of settlement a foundation, retaining wall, bridge, abutment, or other structure will experience and the time rate of settlement.  Designing measures to reduce settlement to tolerable levels.

Shrink-Swell Soils

Assessing the impact of shrink-swell soils on foundations and slopes and designing measures to reduce shrink-swell movements to tolerable levels.

Fault Studies

Assessing the risk of fault movement damage and recommending measures to reduce the impact of fault movement on structures, utilities, and/or pavement.

Pavement Design

Design of the pavement structure for road, parking, transit, port, and aviation facilities to support the expected traffic.

Pavement Rehabilitation

Assessing the cause of existing pavement distress and designing cost effective maintenance or rehabilitation strategies

Subgrade Stabilization

Designing improvement to the soil immediately under a pavement to reduce shrink-swell movement and/or improve the stiffness and durability of the subgrade through replacing with better material or mixing with cement, lime, flyash, or a combination.

Dredge Placement Area Design

Evaluating the remaining capacity of dredge placement and beneficial use sites for hydraulic dredging considering foundation settlement, current and future dike height, and dredge source material using U.S Army Corp of Engineers SETTLE and PSDDF software.

Wharf Design

Designing wharf facilities to achieve the water depth, crane load,  and deck load requirements for the facility with adequate global stability.

Featured Geotechnical Projects

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Trinity River Geotechnical Project

Trinity Railway Express crossing Trinity River

Fort Worth: HVJ provided 3D models based on testing and location of several undocumented structures that enabled foundation construction within complicated right of way limits

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Shoal Creek Geotechnical Engineering Project Image

Shoal Creek Emergency Landslide Repair

Austin: Use of a specialized coring procedure enables HVJ to solve an emergency landslide issue for the residents of a highly visible historic neighborhood in the Texas state capital

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Boulevard Geotechnical Engineering Project Image

The Boulevard Project

Houston: Innovative Mat foundation and soil preparation design reduced construction time, costs, and traffic congestion

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Mike Hasen - HVJ Associates

Mike Hasen

Technical Leader/ Geotechnical and OVTI Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Hasen is the organization’s technical leader with special expertise in dredging and Owner Verification Testing and Inspection.

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Jason Schwarz - HVJ Associates

Jason Schwarz

Vice President - Operations

Mr. Schwarz provides operations and technical leadership and is the geotechnical and CoMET subject matter expert in South Central Texas.

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Hossam Esmail - HVJ Associates

Hossam Esmail

Senior Vice President

Mr. Esmail manages all operations with extensive experience in geotechnical engineering for highway and municipal projects.

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Fadi Faraj - HVJ Associates

Fadi Faraj

Vice President

Mr. Faraj is responsible for operation and is the geotechnical engineering subject matter expert for North Texas.

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