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Environmental Geology and Engineering

We provide hazardous waste, wetlands, fault, and aquifer characterizations and NEPA assessments for a diverse client base with an emphasis on public infrastructure projects. Long, horizontal construction projects are different due to the potential impacts of facilities not within the right of way. We identify potential impacts early in project development and provide mitigation strategies so the project can proceed on time and achieve the project goals.

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Environmental Services

Our solutions-based and highly motivated environmental services staff has developed excellent relationships with the clients we serve. Over the years, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of various environmental guidelines and regulations governing public and private project development and their successful completion.

The application of this knowledge allows us to provide cost-effective and superior results on all of the environmental projects we undertake. HVJ Associates® reliably delivers what is needed when it is required by anticipating and avoiding problems, taking ownership, and keeping commitments.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

We provide property environmental assessment services in accordance with ASTM Standard Practice E-1527-05, including site historical, regulatory, and physical setting reviews. Should recognized environmental conditions be discovered, we make recommendations regarding further site environmental assessment.

Phase I Initial Site Assessment

We provide property environmental assessment services in accordance with the Texas Department of Transportations (TXDOT) guidelines including site historical, regulatory and physical setting review and recommendations.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

We collect soil and groundwater samples and analyze for chemicals of concern to determine the nature of possible environmental contamination and their impact on the design, construction, and operation of the proposed facilities.

Phase I Geologic Fault Assessment

We determine the location of faulting on or adjacent to a subject property based on a literature search, aerial photograph review, sub-surface structure map analysis, historical topographic map review, and field reconnaissance. Where appropriate, we provide fault hazard zone map and engineering recommendations.

Phase II Geologic Fault Assessment

We geophysically log deep boreholes to determine the precise fault location and potential movement rate. We provide appropriate engineering design guidance to help reduce potential fault impacts to project area utilities, structures, and pavement.

Wetland Delineation and Permitting

We satisfy jurisdictional authorities permit requirements, specifically to identify and delineate the location and acreage of jurisdictional wetlands before permit issuance.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Assessment and Reporting

We assess the environmental effects of federal agencies proposed actions before making decisions as required by the NEPA to include work on Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Categorical Exclusions, and other federally-mandated documents.

Aquifer Characterization Testing

We conduct constant rate aquifer pumping tests and slug tests to determine the hydrogeologic performance characteristics of project area well and adjacent shallow aquifer. Provide engineering recommendations to address groundwater impacts on construction.

Featured Environmental Projects

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Luce Bayou-Project

Environmental Site Assessments for Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer Project

Harris/Liberty County: HVJ assesses presence of environmental concerns on 45 tracts allowing water project to proceed on schedule.

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Grand Parkway-Project

Phase I Initial Site Assessments of Grand Parkway Segments H & I-1

Chambers/Harris/Liberty/Montgomery County: HVJ assesses presence of environmental concerns on 10 tracts...

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Ellington Spaceport Project Houston Texas

Ellington Field Spaceport Development Project

Houston: HVJ locates faults on Spaceport site so structures can avoid damage due to fault movement.

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Ed Hawkinson Resized

Edward Hawkinson

Environmental/ Geology Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Hawkinson is an expert in hazardous waste, wetlands, NEPA, fault, and aquifer characterization for public infrastructure projects.

Profile_Mike Hasen

Mike Hasen

Technical Leader/ Geotechnical and OVTI Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Hasen is the organization’s technical leader with special expertise in dredging and Owner Verification Testing and Inspection.

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