We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to our each project’s specific needs for achieving and extending pavement, bridge, retaining wall, and other roadway structure design life.

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Road Services

We are committed to each project’s success by delivering superior engineering through our focus on roadway projects – from neighborhood streets, to 24 lane freeway expansions, to brand new tollways. Moreover, we are dedicated to delivering peace of mind through listening, taking ownership, keeping commitments, and staying in touch.


Choosing the most economical pavement section or the most effective method of pavement rehabilitation is complicated, it is easy to choose a method that doesn’t provide sustained performance.  Through review of the types of pavement distress, non-destructive testing, and selection of appropriate pavement materials we determine how to best extend pavement life and reduce life cycle costs.


Bridges are varied structures ranging from at grade simple spans over small waterways to cable-stayed bridges spanning thousands of feet. HVJ provides economical solutions for bridge foundations that are constructible given right-of-way and traffic control limitations.

Retaining Walls

We design and provide construction materials testing for retaining walls that meet project profile requirements for challenging cut and fill locations in a wide variety of situations such as poor foundation conditions, conflicts with existing structures, and limited right-of-way.

Road Projects

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DNT Segment-Project

Dallas North Tollway (DNT) Improvement Segment 1

Dallas/Fort Worth: Testing and certification of an Ultra-thin bonded overlay provided on demand for accelerated project completion

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DFW Connector-Project

DFW Connector Owner Verification Testing and Inspection (OVT&I)

Dallas/Fort Worth: Expedited mobilization for quality verification for a complex $1 Billion dollar project.

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US 377-Project

TxDOT US 377 Cresson Relief Route

Cresson: HVJ solved settlement and select fill availability problems when no right of entry limited geotechnical data.

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Pavement Management Analysis at Nine Land Ports of Entry (LPOE)

South Texas: HVJ’s job was to inventory, inspect and score 2.6 million square feet of pavement border crossing stations as part of the GSA’s large-scale rehabilitation plan. 

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SH 359-Project

SH359, Webb County, Texas

Webb County: The local staff and practical experience enables a rural Laredo district resurfacing project to finish ahead of schedule.

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Memorial Loop-Project

East Memorial Loop Roadway and Improvements, Houston, Texas

Houston: Using the HVJ process, a new technician identifies a previously unknown construction flaw at a project worksite, the solution extends the roadway life by years.

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Meet the Team

Profile_Mark McDaniel

Mark McDaniel

Senior Project Manager

Mr. McDaniel is an expert in pavement material behavior and pavement design based on 25 years’ experience with TxDOT.

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Profile_L Barlow

Linda Barlow

Department Manager

Ms. Barlow manages operations and provides leadership for street rehabilitation PSE and traffic control plan projects.

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Mike Hasen

Mike Hasen

Technical Leader/ Geotechnical and OVTI Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Hasen is the organization’s technical leader with special expertise in dredging and Owner Verification Testing and Inspection.

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Profile_Fadi Faraj

Fadi Faraj

Vice President

Mr. Faraj is responsible for operation and is the geotechnical engineering subject matter expert for North Texas.

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