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Construction Materials Engineering and Testing

We design, test, assess quality, and resolve problems with materials used in the built environment such as unstabilized and stabilized soil, portland cement concrete, asphaltic cement concrete, and shallow and deep foundations. We reliably deliver satisfaction by listening, taking ownership, keeping commitments, and staying in touch.

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Construction Materials Engineering and Testing

At HVJ, we do more than simply produce test reports. We make sure you get what you paid for by ensuring that materials perform as intended, and post-construction materials maintenance costs are reasonable. HVJ reliably delivers what is needed when it is required by anticipating and avoiding problems. And, if unexpected problems do occur, we deal with them quickly and directly with project goals foremost.

Fill Suitability/
Compaction Control

We assess the proposed fill for a project, ensuring it meets the quality level specified so that embankments, bedding, and backfill perform as intended.

Portland Cement
Concrete Testing

We determine whether Portland Cement concrete provided to the project is of the quality specified and paid for and will perform as intended by field sampling and testing the material delivered to the site. Further, we peform laboratory testing for material strength.

Asphaltic Concrete Testing

We assess whether Asphaltic Concrete will perform as intended by testing the material during production and coring the placed material for lab testing to determine whether it will have reasonable post-construction maintenance costs.

Aggregate Testing

We determine whether coarse and fine aggregate provided to Portland cement or asphaltic concrete batch plants meets the quality levels being paid for and will perform as intended in the produced material.

Mix Design Review

We review mix designs for Portland Cement concrete and Asphaltic concrete to determine whether the provided materials match specifications and will perform as intended.

Owner Verification Testing

We analyze and assess the testing performed by contractors to ensure it meets the requirements of 23CFR637B for use in acceptance decisions on design-build, concession, and other P3 projects. Additionally, we prepare quarterly reports for FHWA to document verification.

Shrink-Swell Soil Improvement Mix Design

We determine how to reuse onsite soils as fill by specifying the type and proportion of additives required to reduce the shrink-swell behavior to tolerable levels.

Subgrade Stabilization
Mix Design

We design improvement to the existing soil that sits immediately under a pavement to reduce shrink-swell movement and improve the stiffness and durability of the subgrade through mixing with cement, lime, fly ash, or a combination.

Deep Foundation Observation

We inspect drilled shaft, driven pile, and auger-cast pile foundations construction to determine whether they will carry the design loads. Further, we check to see that they are the correct depth and diameter and that they are built using proper materials and procedures.

Shallow Foundations Observation

We assess spread footing and mat foundation construction to determine if they will perform as intended. We inspect any required foundation preparations to ensure they are the correct sizes, depths, and thicknesses per the design requirements.

In Place Concrete Testing

We evaluate whether hardened concrete is suitable for its intended use through field testing or coring and testing in the laboratory.

Other Building
Material Testing

We test and inspect other construction materials such as masonry, grout, fireproofing, floor flatness, and steel frame bolting to determine whether they will perform as intended and help ensure post-construction costs are reasonable.

Featured Construction Materials Engineering and Testing Projects

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Capers Ridge Siphon-Project

CWA’s Capers Ridge Pump Station (CRPS) and 96” Diameter Water Transmission Lines, Liberty County, Texas

Liberty County: Increased the City of Houston treated water supply by providing the new solutions to reduce cost and construction and time for the two 96 inch pipelines

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DFW Connector-Project

DFW Connector Owner Verification Testing and Inspection (OVT&I)

Dallas/Fort Worth: Expedited mobilization for quality verification for a complex $1 Billion dollar project.

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SH 186-Project

SH 186, Rural Willacy County, Texas

Willacy County: HVJ built a mobile lab for remote location testing to reduce costs and project time.

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HVJ photo_A Menchaca

Andres Menchaca

W. Texas Branch Manager

Mr. Menchaca is dedicated to client satisfaction and has extensive construction materials engineering experience.

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Profile_Harry Patel

Harry Patel

CoMET Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Patel is responsible for geotechnical and CoMET services throughout West Texas and is Construction Materials Engineering and Testing subject matter expert.

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Jason Schwarz

Jason Schwarz

Vice President - Operations

Mr. Schwarz provides operations and technical leadership and is the geotechnical and CoMET subject matter expert in South Central Texas.

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Mike Hasen - HVJ Associates

Mike Hasen

Technical Leader/ Geotechnical and OVTI Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Hasen is the organization’s technical leader with special expertise in dredging and Owner Verification Testing and Inspection.

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