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The Austin office was established in 2001 providing geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services to Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, Pharr, Corpus Christi, and surrounding areas. Services are provided by HVJ South Central Texas – M&J, Inc., a proud independently owned and operated HVJ Associates® franchisee.

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4201 Freidrich Lane Suite 110 Austin, TX 78744

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2391 NE Loop 410, Suite 204 San Antonio, TX 78217


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CoMET Dispatch

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Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Engineering and Testing Services

We provide geotechnical engineering to assess specific site soil and groundwater conditions and design earth structures (slopes, channels, and dikes), foundations (retaining walls, bridges, buildings, tanks), and subsurface structures (clarifiers, lift stations, buried utilities, tunnels) to economically achieve the specific project objectives.

We engineer and test materials such as soil, concrete, and asphalt, so you get what you pay for, and the project performs as or better than expected including owner verification testing, pavement subgrade stabilization, and shrink-swell mitigation mix designs, and construction observation of drilled shaft, auger-cast-pile, driven pile, shallow spread footing, and mat foundations.

Recent Projects

We focus on public sector infrastructure projects. We deliver superior engineering knowledge and an outstanding experience working together.

Shoal Creek-Project

Shoal Creek Emergency Landslide Repair

Austin: Use of a specialized coring procedure enables HVJ to solve an emergency landslide issue for the residents of a highly visible historic neighborhood in the Texas state capital

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Victory Church-Project

Victory Church

Pflugerville:  Our solution allowed the Victory church to expand on an 11 acre parcel of previously unstable land with a low cost innovative foundation.

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SH 359-Project

SH359, Webb County, Texas

Webb County: The local staff and practical experience enables a rural Laredo district resurfacing project to finish ahead of schedule.

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SH 186-Project

SH 186, Rural Willacy County, Texas

Willacy County: HVJ built a mobile lab for remote location testing to reduce costs and project time.

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The Austin and San Antonio office laboratories are accredited by AAHSTO AMRL for soil and concrete testing and ASTM CCRL for concrete testing.



Testing technicians are certified are by ACI, NICET, TxAPA, and TxDOT. The office and staff are pre-certified by TxDOT for the following:

  • 12.1.1 Asphaltic Concrete Production
  • 12.1.2 Portland Cement Concrete
  • 12.1.3 Materials Engineering
  • 12.1.4 Asphaltic Concrete Placement
  • 12.1.5 Portland Cement Concrete Placement
  • 12.1.6 Embankment/Subgrade/Backfill/Base Production
  • 12.1.7 Embankment/Subgrade/Backfill/Base Placement
  • 12.2.1 Plant Inspection And Testing
  • 14.1.1 Soil Exploration
  • 14.2.1 Geotechnical Testing
  • 14.3.1 Transportation Foundation Studies
  • 14.4.1 Building Foundation Studies
  • 14.5.1 Evaluation & Design of Geotechnical Related Structures

Meet The Team

Profile_Muhammad Mustafa

Muhammad Mustafa


Mr. Mustafa is co-owner of second HVJ Associates® franchise, focusing on the Vision and overall direction of the firm.

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Profile_Syed Jafar

Syed Jafar

Executive Vice President

Mr. Jafar is co-owner of the second HVJ Associates® franchise and is responsible for the growth of the firm in South Central Texas.

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Jason Schwarz Resized

Jason Schwarz

Vice President - Operations

Mr. Schwarz provides operations and technical leadership and is the geotechnical and CoMET subject matter expert in South Central Texas.

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HVJ Austin

4201 Freidrich Lane
Suite 110
Austin, TX 78744



Austin   (512) 447-9081
San Antonio    (210) 372-8596


HVJ San Antonio

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San Antonio, TX 78217



(210) 372-8596