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Civil and Pavement Engineering

We provide a wide range of civil and pavement engineering services focused on developing innovative designs which are cost-effective and focused on achieving long term success by carefully preparing the project design criteria based on input from the client. Understanding local traffic and soil conditions, available pavement materials, and agency design requirements allows HVJ to be successful and cost-efficient.

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Civil and Pavement Engineering

Our team’s intensive knowledge of Texas conditions is backed by research, design, and construction phase experience. We have satisfied city, county, State, and Federal government requirements by carefully listening to our client’s conditions of satisfaction and providing designs which get the job done without problems. We are committed to your success.

Street Rehabilitation

We evaluate and complete rehabilitation designs including construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates for local, collector, and arterial streets. Services include correcting the plan and profile, adding pedestrian and bicycle mobility enhancements, required utility improvements including addition of storm water system, construction controls including traffic control plans for phasing, and erosion and sedimentation controls.

Roadway Pavement

We design innovative pavement structures for parking lots, city streets, county roads, and state highways, by carefully considering the anticipated design traffic, insitu soils, available materials, and climate conditions. Designs include flexible and rigid pavement alternatives for new construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance treatments considering the owners budget constraints, including life cycle costing for pavement type selection.

Traffic Control Plans

We design temporary traffic control plans (TCP) for all types of construction in the public right-of-way and including special events. We also create permanent traffic control plans, including all required pavement markings and traffic signs in conformance with the FHWA and Texas MUTCD.

Airport Pavement

We design all types of airside pavements including heliports, aprons, taxiways, and runways at HUB and G&A airfields, using the latest FAA design procedures and specifications. We also provide designs for all types of landside pavements including roadways, parking lots, sidewalk and ADA ramps improvements, solid waste transfer stations, and fueling facilities.

Mass Transit Pavement

We design pavements to withstand heavy transit bus loading, including driveways, parking lots, fueling and wash bays, and maintenance buildings. We have specific experience with transit operations and needs, including bus stops and mobility access.

Port Terminal Pavement

We design new pavements, and pavement rehabilitation for container terminals, cruise ship terminal parking lots, port access roads, reefer yards, stevedore empty container storage, and bulk breakdown storage yards including gravel-surfaced facilities

Asset Management

We collect existing pavement distress condition surveys and inventory other appurtenances, such as sidewalks and ADA ramps, street signs, and drainage features in right of ways (curb and gutter with our without storm drains or ditch drainage) and prepare them for entry into MicroPaver® software for the development of multiyear maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction (MR&R) plans.

Non-Destructive Pavement Evaluation

We perform non-destructive testing with Falling Weight Deflectometer equipment. We analyze non-destructive testing data, including Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer (HWD) deflection testing, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) layer thickness data, and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) layer stiffness tests.

Featured Civil and Pavement Engineering Projects

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SH 161-Project

SH 161 (IH 20 to South of Egyptian Way), Grand Prairie, Texas

Grand Prairie: Award winning solution using moisture conditioning to overcome unsuitable subgrade soils

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Bayport Phase 2 Container Yard (CY6 North), Bayport, Texas

Bayport/Port of Houston: We provided a solution with better performance than conventional reinforced concrete that also shorted the project completion by several months.

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US 75-Project

US 75, Denison, Texas

Denison: Discovery of a high gypsum content in the soil led to an innovative solution to reuse existing asphalt materials that reduced total material costs, and provided a smoother surface.

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Meet the Team

Profile_Frank Carmichael

Frank Carmichael

Branch Manager/Pavement Practice Leader

Mr. Carmichael manages statewide services and has developed award-winning designs on paving projects.

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Profile_L Barlow

Linda Barlow

Department Manager

Ms. Barlow manages operations and provides leadership for street rehabilitation PSE and traffic control plan projects.

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Profile_Mark McDaniel

Mark McDaniel

Senior Project Manager

Mr. McDaniel is an expert in pavement material behavior and pavement design based on 25 years’ experience with TxDOT.

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Reuben James

Project Manager

Mr. James is an expert in non-destructive pavement testing and pavement and other asset management systems.

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