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Our Culture

Much of HVJ's work is repeat business with long-term clients.  Our accomplishments are a direct result of the individual effort and dedication of each HVJ employee and their commitment to the high standards and ideals set by HVJ's Management Team.

What is it like to work at HVJ?

Working at HVJ is challenging – no doubt about that. It’s also rewarding and conducive to personal growth and development. We work hard with rolled up sleeves to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients and associates.

If you want the opportunity to learn and to actively contribute towards a culture of service in an organization that really listens for the concerns of stakeholders (whether Clients, fellow Employees, or Business Associates), and finds innovative ways to address those concerns effectively, you will feel at home here.

At HVJ we value excellence and will encourage you to be the best you can be. If you are passionate about industry-leading practices, this is a place where you will feel empowered to contribute your unique perspectives. We also value mutual respect and integrity; we understand the benefit of your unique experiences and their significance when designing winning games and strategies.

Most schools and colleges focus on technical and academic knowledge, and offer little experience outside of the academic. At HVJ you will learn how to manage commitments, interact effectively with others and transition into a shared interpretation that all team members are happy to commit to, and fully engage in. We see this as the path to true growth and profitability.

So – if you are interested in more than just a paycheck, if you want to be in a dynamic learning environment, and if the idea of delivering exceptional value appeals to you, welcome; you will fit right in!

Employee Training & Development Programs

At HVJ we only hire the best, and we believe our people are worth investing in. That’s why we are proud to offer professional training and development opportunities to our employees.  We aim to help our team members grow, learn new skillsets, move up within the organization, and ultimately make greater contributions to HVJ as a whole. Our employees have the opportunity to focus on growth in areas that are not commonly taught in schools and colleges, but are vital to becoming effective leaders or managers. Employees have the opportunity to participate in this personal growth in several ways, including learning forums, specific learning practices, multi-year programs and/or executive coaching.

College Recruiting & Internship

Our internships offer hands-on experience applicable to future careers. Interns work closely with professionals to contribute to real project deliverables, advance their technical knowledge, and/or learn project management skills.

Our full-time, entry-level positions typically require a minimum of bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (geotechnical, pavement, environmental) for engineering positions, or a High School Diploma (or equivalent) for Field and Lab Technicians.  Internships are sometimes available also for administrative roles; including Accounting, Human Resources and other support services.

"I have endless opportunities here to gain exceptional experience for my career growth in diversified areas of Geotechnical Engineering."

-Anil Kumar Raavi

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