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Prairie View A&M University Football Stadium and Athletic Field House
Prairie, Texas

HVJ provided geotechnical recommendations for the design of a proposed football stadium that involved construction of a playing field with on-grade and elevated seating bowls, an on-grade concourse, stadium tower and an athletic building in Prairie View, Texas. HVJ provided recommendations for slab on grade foundation for the Athletic Building and on-grade concourse. The recommendations included bearing capacity, floor slab preparation and settlement analysis for the structures.

HVJ recommended the use of straight sided shafts for the elevated seating and athletic fieldhouse. Recommendations for the drilled shafts included foundation capacity curves, lateral capacity, negative skin friction and group capacity.

Lone Star College Advanced Technology Workforce Center

HVJ conducted a geotechnical investigation for the construction of a new Technology Center at the North Harris campus of Lone Star College located in Harris County, Texas. Upon completion, the new facility will be a single-story structure and will have a laydown yard and associated access roads and parking area. HVJ provided recommendations for Mat foundation and Shallow Spread footings for the building. The recommendations included bearing capacity, floor slab, subgrade modulus, seismic site class and settlement. HVJ also provided pavement thickness and subgrade preparation recommendations for the laydown yard, parking lot and access roads.

Texas A&M Galveston OCSB Event Center
Galveston, Texas

HVJ conducted a geotechnical investigation for the construction of a new Event Center adjacent to the existing Ocean and Coastal Science Building (OCSB) at the Texas A&M campus (TAMUG) in Galveston, Texas. Upon completion, the Event Center is a steel-framed building on a concrete foundation that connects to the existing brick walls of the south-east wing of the OCSB. HVJ provided foundation recommendations for the building which included recommendations for auger cast piles or square precast, prestressed concrete driven piles. Additional recommendations included foundation capacity curves for auger cast piles and concrete driven piles, lateral capacity, group effects and settlement. The project also included construction of a landscaping area with short retaining wall seatings. HVJ recommended supporting the retaining wall seatings on shallow spread footings. Additional retaining wall recommendations included bearing capacity, lateral earth pressures on the walls due to backfill, passive earth pressures, friction factor and retaining wall backfill.

University of Houston Health & Biomedical Sciences Center
Houston, Texas

HVJ provided environmental, geotechnical and construction engineering services for the construction of a new six-floor Health and Biomedical Sciences Center building and associated parking lot in Houston, Texas. The project site is located at the intersection of Calhoun and Wheeler Streets. HVJ conducted a geotechnical investigation to provide foundation recommendations for the proposed building and parking lot. During the construction phase, HVJ observed and tested the foundation of the building. Testing included building subgrade monitoring and compaction testing, auger cast pile and drilled pier inspection, pile load test observation and reporting, concrete pile caps and associated lab tests.

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