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Pavement Engineering Services

HVJ is one of only a handful of companies in the U.S. specializing in pavement engineering. We work with local and state governments, airport authorities, the U.S. military, and fellow engineering firms to meet ever-growing pavement demands.
Our services fall into two broad categories — project level and network level. At the project level, we develop plans, specifications, and cost estimates for new or rehabilitation of streets, highways, parking lots, airport aprons, taxiways, and runways. Included are environmental requirements, construction phasing, striping, traffic control, and utility considerations. We own and operate falling weight deflectometers to measure and evaluate existing pavement conditions and develop in-situ material properties.

HVJ offers two other key design components related to development of plans and specs for street design:
  • The modification of sidewalks, curbs, and ramps to meet standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act for improved pedestrian access and mobility.
  • Traffic control plans including detours and lane closures for special events such as marathons and bicycle races, and for construction activities such as manhole work, crane operation, and street repair.

At the network level, HVJ develops Pavement Management Systems (PMS) to define multi-year plans and budgets for maintenance of city, county, and state roads and airfields. Comprehensive network services include: an inventory of streets and highways, visual condition surveys, needs assessments, development of an annual paving programs, staff training, and integrating a geographical information system (GIS) with software to support GASB 34 compliance.  Also included are pedestrian and bicycle mobility projects and transition plans to achieve ADA compliance along with sign and signal database development including retro-reflectivity testing for planning compliance of Federal mandates.

“We contracted with HVJ because of their working knowledge of the Army Corps. rules and regulations.  We are very pleased with the timely work product and highly depend on HVJ to execute the environmental task force within the environmental guidelines and procedures set by the City of Houston and Harris County for all of our projects.”

Epifanio Salazar,

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