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Materials Testing for Over $200 Million TxDOT Lufkin District Projects

Project Background

TxDOT Lufkin District has multiple active US 59 construction projects as part of the future I-69 interstate corridor development program, with a construction budget of over $200 Million.  

TxDOT Lufkin District selected HVJ as the Materials Engineering Consultant to directly support the US 59 Improvement Project from FM 2021 to 0.34 miles north of SL 287 in Angelina County, Texas. 

TxDOT Lufkin District also selected the SAM-CS team, including HVJ, as the Materials Engineering Consultant to provide CEI services for the US 59 Diboll Relief Route Project.  

Practice: Construction Materials Engineering & Testing

Sector: Transportation

Location: Lufkin, TX

Services: On-site Mobile Laboratory, Materials Testing

TxDOT Mobile Lab Accreditation

The Problem

TxDOT Lufkin needed to efficiently complete multiple projects for the future I-69 interstate corridor development program. As explained by TxDOT, “The development of the I-69 corridor in Texas would relieve traffic congestion caused by a growing population, provide safer travel through the state, improve evacuation routes, and support economic development.”  However, as a rural district, these projects faced high materials testing costs due to labs being located in large metro areas, such as Houston and Dallas. The long geographic distance increased the material testing budget for the projects. The frequent long-distance travel was also tedious to technicians and reduced their efficiency.    

The Goal

Our goal was to use our extensive materials testing experience to save both time and money on materials testing for TxDOT’s Lufkin district projects. The solution needed to be efficient and eliminate long-distance travel while ensuring the quality and reliability of the materials testing.  

The Solution

HVJ set up an on-site mobile laboratory to conduct tests cost-effectively and provide immediate feedback. We obtained accreditation from the TxDOT Lufkin District in an accelerated timeframe. HVJ’s 20+ years of experience setting up mobile labs for TxDOT and its relationship with lab equipment suppliers made it possible to do this in a quick timeframe. 

Our Results

Our mobile laboratory provided the Lufkin district projects with the materials testing tools they needed for success and efficiency. The lab ultimately reduced the costs and delays caused by waiting for transportation and testing in another city. These faster turnaround times were critical in allowing the team to proactively identify issues quickly and reducing potential errors due to long transportation times.  HVJ was able to communicate failed test results immediately and resolve them since the testing was performed on-site.   

TxDOT had a positive experience, and the Lufkin District also selected the Cobb-Fendley team, including HVJ, as the Materials Engineering Consultant to provide CEI services for the upcoming US 59 Construction Project from FM 2914 to 0.65 miles S of SL 573.  

“HVJ performed quality and cost-effective material testing services on our US 59 Lufkin project utilizing their accredited mobile laboratory in Lufkin.”

Vice President/Construction Manager of SAM-CS 

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