I-10 Coll Dist

An Expedited Schedule, Difficult Drilling Conditions, 50-Foot Wall Were Challenges HVJ Overcame

Project Background

TxDOT I-10 Collector Distributor

The project, CSJ No. 2121-02-0137, is the construction of Collector-Distributor (C-D) lanes and improvements to the interchange at US 85. The total project length is approximately 5.75 miles between SH 20 (Mesa Street) and Executive Center Boulevard. The purpose of this project is to increase mobility and safety on the IH-10 main lanes and interchanges. Improvements will include C-D lanes constructed on the outside of the existing main lanes in both east and west directions and replacement direct connectors at Resler Drive and Sunland Park Drive. HVJ Associates® provided design and construction recommendations for bridges, retaining walls and embankments. The project was moved up on the TxDOT letting schedule requiring an expedited schedule while drilling through difficult geological formations including cobbles, boulders, and cap rock.

Practice: Geotechnical Engineering

Sector: Road

Location: El Paso County, Texas

Services: Foundation design, deep foundations, large retaining walls, slope stability, settlement analysis/design


The Problem

This project was adjacent to the Border Highway West Extension Project and TxDOT expressed a need to fund this project as soon as possible. The expedited schedule was difficult to achieve due to tough drilling conditions through cobles and boulders and limited local drilling subcontractors.

The Goal

Provide geotechnical design information sufficient to obtain a reasonable bid while reducing the risk of change orders to TxDOT while maintaining an aggressive schedule of deliverables.

Our Solution

Based on our knowledge of the local geology and the limited drilling resources within the local area, HVJ brought drilling subcontractors from Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin capable of drilling through boulders, cobbles, and caprock. Utilizing two crews for the same rigs allowed our staff and subs to wok round the clock and complete the field investigation on time.

Another significant challenge was a slope up to 50 feet above the existing ground surface which needed to be cut to provide additional ROW for the roadway expansion. HVJ provided several alternative designs including a drilled shaft wall design with tiebacks to eliminate the need of obtaining ROW from the bustling Sunland Park Mall. HVJ modeled the drilled shaft wall using a 3-dimensional model, and calculated the tieback force required as well as the bonded and unbonded lengths.    

HVJ also worked closely with TxDOT to identify a nearby potential source for select fill material that was tested and deemed suitable, providing significant cost savings due to the type of fill and the proximity.

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