Preventing Disaster with an Emergency Waterline Repair

October 5, 2022

We’ve all heard real-life horror stories about what happens when communities lack access to clean, drinkable water.  The City of Pasadena needed to prevent this type of situation when a waterline owned by the city began leaking at a substantial 300 gallons per minute. As explained by Houston Civil Services Manager Daya Dayananda, “If the leak continued for even another week, the pipe would have been further damaged with a potentially disastrous outcome.” 

Each project has its own nuances and solutions are not one-size-fits-all. In this case, we needed a solution that would not only be quick to construct, but also hold up to both high water pressure and future corrosion from area seawater. Construction would require periods of reduced water usage and cutoff, and there could be no delay in reinstituting access to safe water. 

HVJ takes pride in merging technical expertise with open communication and a well-coordinated approach, making the project a perfect fit to put our core values into practice.  Our team’s goal wasn’t just to get the job done quickly – but to complete it seamlessly and safely, providing peace of mind to area residents who need clean, consistently accessible drinking water.  

Read more about how how we pulled off this successful and prompt emergency repair here 


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