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Brays Village Drainage Project
Houston, Texas

HVJ Associates provided geotechnical investigation for the Brays Village Drainage Project  provding design and construction recommendations for the proposed pavement replacement, underground utilities and outfall structure.  The project included installation of a sanitary sewer along Oak Center Drive and Waterline along Holworth Drive.

Crane-Englewood Area Water Line Replacement

Houston, Texas

HVJ provided a geotechnical investigation to provide design and construction recommendations for Englewood area water line replacement along several streets in the Crane-Englewood area of Houston.   The size of the new water lines varies from 6 to 12 inches.  Invert depth of the new water lines will vary from 7 to 15 feet below the existing grade and the waterlines will be installed primarily by trenchless techniques. 

Marsh Studies
Houston, Texas

HVJ’s experience with the beneficial use site design and monitoring dates back to the initial construction of the Demonstration Marsh in 1992.   HVJ has provided design and construction monitoring for the Bolivar Island, Mid-Bay, and Atkinson marsh sites for the Port of Houston Authority.  In addition, HVJ has provided design and construction phase services for the Avia Island, Redfish Island, Goat Island, and San Jacinto sites.
Geotechnical studies related to the project focused on settlement analyses of the dredge material to design the facility for a final ground surface elevation that will support the appropriate habitat.  In addition, geotechnical studies related to dike construction and stability as well as erosion protection were performed.

“It was very refreshing to have a company (HVJ) listen to what we needed, rather than be told what we needed.”

Kevin Lair
Senior Construction Inspector, City of Lubbock

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