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Cemex Balcones Plant Expansion
Austin, Texas

For the expansion of the Cemex Balcones, Plant, HVJ inspected all drilled piers for depth, diameter, and cleanliness of the bottom of the pier.  HVJ visually estimated the slump of each load of concrete delivered and performed actual slump tests, air content, temperature and other standard field tests when cylinders were prepared, or as necessary to control concrete consistency.  Concrete was monitored on a 24/7 basis using slip-form procedures for a 318-foot pre-heat tower and a 222-foot silo.  Witnessing of QCS-SS-03 high strength steel bolt tightening (in-place torque calibration of impact) turn-of-the nut method was also performed on structural steel.

Penn Field Building J Renovation
Austin, Texas

This project consisted of the renovation of an existing warehouse structure at Penn Field at the intersection of Alpine Valley Road and Willow Springs Road in Austin, Texas. The renovation reused the existing structure and foundation to create an office building with a courtyard within the building. The finished building is approximately 18,850 square feet and 1 story in height. The project also included associated site improvements such as water, sewer, drainage, and concrete paving. HVJ provided construction materials inspection and testing services.

“HVJ has performed all of our soil and compaction services, structural steel connection inspections and all of our rebar/concrete inspections for package 1. We are pleased to have them onboard to perform services on our next two packages.  HVJ met all of Gilbane’s demands from early morning concrete pours to late evening compaction testing.  Test results are always returned in a timely manner which has allowed us to quickly review the results and get them into the hands of our Owner and Engineer.”

Derico R. Lewis,
Project Superintendent

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