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Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant
Austin, Texas

As part of the Economic Stimulus Fund, Hornsby Bend was awarded funding for the construction of a new 15 acre concrete compost pad with an additional 10 acres of detention basins surrounding the compost pad.

HVJ managed the site plan development including the topographical surveying and geotechnical design of the berms for the detention ponds.  HVJ was responsible for the completion of the plans, specifications, and engineer’s estimate of probable construction costs and also provided bidding and award service assistance. Construction phase services were also provided including Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) testing. The project was completed approximately 1 year ahead of schedule and within budget.

Travis Water Treatment Plant #4
Austin, Texas

HVJ provided geotechnical engineering services for construction of a water treatment plant southeast of the intersection of RM 2222 and RR 620.  The project includes facility buildings, pump stations, clarifiers and basins, detention ponds, and associated structures.  

Erosion control was used to minimize disturbance downslope of the drilling operations.  In lieu of a traditional toe-in silt fence, portable fabric socks were used when necessary to prevent disturbed sediment from being transported to downslope portions of the property.  HVJ followed and complied with all necessary permit requirements.  HVJ worked in coordination with the City of Austin’s environmental inspector throughout the duration of the drilling.

HVJ also developed a site-specific spill prevention control and countermeasure plan (including equipment, materials, and activities) to prevent, respond to, and report spills or releases to the environment on land.

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