Anil Raavi Advances to Lead Houston Geotechnical Team

May 12, 2021

HVJ photo_A RaaviWe are celebrating the advancement of  Anil Raavi to  Houston Professional Services Manager at HVJ Associates® where he will lead our Geotechnical Team. Anil joined HVJ more than 7 years ago as Staff Engineer having earned an M.S. in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.  His pro-active, solution focused approach to customer service along with his eagerness to learn has resulted in prior advancements at HVJ, which included his more recent role as Sr. Project Manager.   

In a learning organization where gratitude is a core value, it is no surprise that Anil is quick to recognize the impact of others in his success as he notes the appreciation expressed by HVJ’s clients and the ongoing support received from his managers as profound positive influencers.  

We have no doubt that Anil will continue to brilliantly represent HVJ Associates as he leads our Houston Geotechnical Team. Please join us in congratulating Anil. 

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