ARWA’s Urgent Challenge for I-35 South Corridor

December 9, 2021

Though lacking Austin’s international name recognition, the cities and towns south of Austin are thriving, and it’s plain to see these cities and towns are packed with creativity, variety, and opportunity. It’s no wonder the regional population has been climbing and is projected to grow from 4.27 to roughly 5.71 million people by 2030.  

This regional growth presents an urgent challenge.  It will increase demand for potable water by tens of millions of gallons every day.  Since 2007, Alliance Regional Water Authority has been leading clean water infrastructure development by directing the 213.4-million-dollar construction of 83 miles of water pipeline to ensure reliable clean water for decades.  

We are happy to share the case study detailing how HVJ Associates® contributed to this impactful project that required exceptional teamwork and communication as we worked on three different segments simultaneously with our partner clients.

Read how HVJ essentially provided a “one-stop-shop” including Open Cut and Trenchless Pipeline Design, Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR), Fill Suitability/Compaction Control, and Portland Cement Concrete Testing.  Click here to access the case study.

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