CX-Cellence Award Announcement

August 5, 2020

High - CXcellence Award

We are excited to announce that in 2020 HVJ was again selected for a CX-Cellence Award for superior customer experience. HVJ was selected for this award for living our compelling brand values of gratitude, ambition, responsibility, and excellence. These values provide the foundation for our culture of learning, proactive problem solving, and commitment to our clients’ success and this recognition affirms the continuing strength of the HVJ Associates® brand.

Watch the video of the winners:

About CXps

Every year the CXps community embarks on a journey to find the best firms in a variety of categories within professional services. We sought out the best firms and the brightest minds bringing Client and Employee Experience to the forefront of their organization. Despite the challenges of a post-COVID world, firms from three continents submitted applications for the 2020 CX-cellence award.

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