Employee Feature: Thusha P. Thushanthan, P.E.

February 21, 2024

We are spotlighting Thusha P. Thushanthan, P.E., a valued member of the HVJ Associates® team. Thusha brings deep geotechnical engineering knowledge and 18 years of combined research and industry experience.  He has served as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer in our Dallas office since November 2022.

Thusha's expertise spans a wide range of specialty areas, including retaining walls, bridges, pavement, water/sewer mains, residential and commercial buildings, and vertical projects. He has extensive experience in the transportation industry, especially with TxDOT projects. He enjoys leading teams of geotechnical engineers and taking a hands-on approach to project management, coordination, and scheduling. Some of his favorite challenges to undertake are large-scale and fast-track projects.

Thusha is a firm believer in HVJ's values of growth and learning. He explains, "I am committed to delivering quality geotechnical reports on time and fully meeting project requirements. I also enjoy mentoring and motivating my fellow team members to enrich their skills and succeed in their careers." 

Having just celebrated his first anniversary at HVJ, we have appreciated his leadership skills and expertise, ensuring projects run smoothly. 



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