Meet Rezwan Jahangir: CoMET Department Manager at HVJ South Central Texas

June 1, 2022

Meet Rezwan Jahangir: CoMET Department Manager at HVJ South Central Texas

We are pleased to introduce new HVJ Associates® team member Rezwan Jahangir. As a Department Manager in our Construction Materials Engineering and Testing department, Rezwan brings a wealth of extensive and varied engineering experiences to HVJ. Rezwan earned a PhD in Civil Engineering (Texas A&M University) and BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering (University of Oklahoma).

A veteran of dozens of complex engineering projects, his career spans multiple sectors. From directing a construction materials and engineering laboratory to working on road and bridge projects, Rezwan brings a reliable, well-rounded knowledge base to every project. He has completed projects for high-profile clients across Texas ─ from the City of Austin to the Texas Department of Transportation.

In his role at HVJ, Rezwan will draw on his experience and commitment to reliable, on-time projects as he leads our South Central Texas CoMET teams. In alignment with our core values at HVJ, he believes that the most effective teams are those that prioritize problem-solving and relationship building through excellent communication. “My strength is communication and people,” Jahangir shares, “I communicate clearly and effectively with everyone, regardless of personality or background.” He is enthusiastic about empowering his team members to make their voices heard through collaborative problem-solving and inspiring excellence during every stage of the project.

 In his free time, Jahangir enjoys researching astrophysics, human space flight, and the history of human existence to provide context and humility. He is married to his Aggie classmate and fellow Ph.D. holder Syeda, a transportation researcher at the Center for Transportation Research (CTR). They have two daughters, Enara, 5, and Emaan, almost one-year-old.

Please join us in welcoming Rezwan Jehangir to the HVJ team!

Rezwan Jahangir




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