Providing Peace of Mind and Drainage Relief in a Dense Neighborhood

August 10, 2022

Technical expertise and strong people skills are both an important part of an engineer’s job, as HVJ’s project team demonstrates through our latest case study. For Austin residents of the dense Oak Knoll area, there was a pressing need to alleviate flooding plaguing the area for years. Our team especially enjoys working on projects that solve urgent needs and improve everyday life for the community.  This project was exactly that, as this flood reduction project would reduce anxiety and provide peace of mind for many area residents. However, we faced a unique challenge: this project required construction to occur very close to residents’ yards and necessitated securing approval from the Condominium Association and homeowners.

Our team needed to minimize heavy equipment use and disruptions to residents while not sacrificing the outcome of providing reliable geotechnical recommendations.  Any homeowner can understand the stress of having construction work happening so close to their property, especially in today's environment when so many people work from home and need a quiet working environment!  That's why our team worked outside the box to achieve the end goal in a way that was as painless as possible for residents. 

In this case study, we share how HVJ’s commitment to overcoming these challenges and providing excellent communication to all stakeholders was critical to the project’s success.

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