5 Questions With An Expert: Linda Pierce

December 14, 2022

At HVJ Associates®, leveraging the experience and diversity of our teams is central to our culture. In this post, 22-year HVJ veteran Linda Pierce shares how collaborative teamwork inspires her work and allows the team to achieve outcomes that keep clients coming back. 

1. Starting with some background about yourself, can you share how you got started in this field and what inspires you most in your work?  

I started my career in civil engineering as a part-time job assisting with construction materials reports.  I decided to invest in civil engineering  as my primary career because I found it interesting and appreciate its vital role in serving the public through safe infrastructure projects. From early on, I recall conversations with staff and managers about how we should always think of our parents, siblings, or children using the buildings and driving on the streets that we are part of creating.  
2. What is your role at HVJ, your favorite type of project/work, and why?   
I am the Finance and Admin Manager for the South-Central Texas franchise in Austin.   I enjoy having everyday opportunities to solve problems and support owners and staff.  Our team is collaborative, supportive, and results-driven; this makes it easier to meet client expectations and gives me confidence that we are delivering both on outcomes and the experiences of our clients.   

 I am always up for a challenge and find satisfaction in successful outcomes.  An example that comes to mind is being part of the franchise transitions for our Dallas and Austin locations.  It was important yet challenging to keep invoicing and financial needs smooth for clients and teams during that initial transition phase, but we made it happen!  

 3. What are the common types of problems that your customers are trying to solve?  What do you think draws them specifically to HVJ?   
Clients come to us knowing the outcome that they need, yet in the beginning they don't always know what is involved in each stage of the process.  They are initially drawn to HVJ because of our track record and industry reputation. Yet, they keep coming back because we make their jobs easier and are with them every step of the way to complete the job successfully.  I am proud that we have so much repeat business from longstanding clients because we are consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations. 

 4. You've been at HVJ for over 20 years.  What do you like most about being part of the HVJ team?  What are your future goals?   
During my 22 years with HVJ, our culture has always felt like a purpose-driven family with a shared vision.  We celebrate and embrace diversity, respecting each person's unique story and how we are all part of the puzzle that makes the company successful.  It’s not always easy; we have high expectations, and there can be a lot of pressure to meet deadlines, stay within budgets and always give 110%. Yet the team works collaboratively to make this happen and enjoys working together.  Our team is filled with strong communicators and listeners who make all of the pieces work together smoothly 
 5. What would you say is most important in a project being successful?  What are the common risks and barriers that you need to overcome?  
Success means achieving the project's objectives safely and cost-effectively. A common risk is meeting all the project's needs while still being efficient in terms of labor and expenses. That's why our team's deep and broad expertise is so important – each has the experience and foresight to consider the full scope of the project, how all the pieces will work together, and to anticipate any problems that may arise.  


Linda Pierce


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