CEO of HVJ Associate®, Herb Johnson, Featured on CEO Magazine.

August 16, 2021

Herbert Johnson and HVJ Associates have caught the attention of The CEO Magazine by creating a unique culture of diversity and innovative thinking. To highlight just how far Herbert Johnson has come from the man who started a business in his garage, he was recently featured in the June 3, 2021 issue of The CEO Magazine, the business magazine with a global reach.  

In the Executive Interview  about Engineering Success Herb restates his philosophy that a business succeeds when its growth is tied to the growth of its employees and stakeholders. He has built a firm that stands for diversity and innovative thinking and whose primary objective is based out of love for its customers and employees, as well as a deep commitment to continuous learning, understanding and solving problems in exemplary ways. 

Furthermore, Herb’s life isn’t entirely separable from his business practices as he discusses his perceptual relationship between business and sports, especially baseball, his favorite sport.  

Herb’s winning business model was also discussed in the interview wherein he shared the principles with which he built HVJ Associates from a garage business to a $35 million annual revenue firm. Herb’s unique business sense has led to the creation of a truly unique “branchising” model. Through his innovative franchise business model, Herb makes business ownership possible. 

You don’t have to search far for the CEO Magazine Executive Interview. Simply follow this link below to read the full article:  Read the Article

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