Brays Bayou Slope Repairs: A Geotechnical Success Story

August 11, 2021

Have you ever noticed how solving one problem almost always raises a further concern? This was no exception when Harris County Flood Control District sought to improve stormwater drainage in communities along Brays Bayou—and this is where HVJ Associates® Geotechnical Team’s latest story begins.  

It is a story of careful listening and commitment to our client, Walter P Moore (WPM) to alleviate concerns for HCFCD and over 700,000 people who reside within Brays Bayou’s 129-square-mile (330 km2) drainage area.  HCFCD’s plan for additional detention basins would facilitate stormwater drainage from the heavily urbanized drainage area, but this raised further concerns over Brays Bayou’s pre-existing slope failures.  

Read how HVJ left no stone unturned to provide creative solutions to address the Brays Bayou Slope Failures. We listened--we delivered on our promises--on schedule--within existing right-of-way—with no impact on drainage capacity or surrounding communities: 

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