Dallas-Forth Worth Airport Terminal C Gets an Update

April 4, 2022

When Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the 4th busiest airport in the world, embarked on renovations, HVJ Associates’® team of experts and engineers – heavily experienced in airport standards, specifications, and the FAA domain – partnered with Helmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc. to provide geotechnical design services.

Terminal C, which has been in service at DFW Airport since the early 1970s, will undergo an 850,000-square-foot project. This transformation into a modern terminal will include the implementation of the latest technologies and infrastructure, alongside:

  • 18 domestic gates
  • Expanded parking garage
  • Arrival and departure roadways
  • New loading docks

HVJ Associates places significance on providing the best possible experience for commuters throughout the Lone Star State. Decades of experience have shaped our engineering firm’s approach to tackling projects that contribute to the betterment of our surrounding communities—including the Terminal C renovation.

HVJ performed a geotechnical study for this reconstruction project, and from this we provided drilled shaft foundation recommendations for the proposed new garage with below grade retaining wall design details. HVJ also provided a pavement subgrade report to ensure success of this essential infrastructure project.

Thanks to HVJ’s extensive experience with DFW Airport, our team was able to work closely with our client to perform field work with strict adherence to safety protocols and time restrictions, and to minimally impact critical airport operations.

Through close collaboration with all team members, HVJ ensured the project goals for geotechnical recommendations were met on schedule. By doing so, HVJ continues to invest in the success of every project by leveraging the diversity of our team to better manage the final product of every project.

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