DFW Connector I-635 SH 121 Interchange Completion

November 2, 2021

TXDOT logoHVJ Associates® is excited to announce that several years of dedication and hard work by the Texas Department of Transportation have culminated with the completion of the DFW Connector I-635 SH 121 Interchange. The project is open to traffic, and their accomplishment is improving transportation for residents all across North Texas.   

The Interchange project saw TxDOT take on major challenges to improve the quality of travel for North Texas residents. It was a $370 Million project with many moving pieces and high standards for safety and integrity. Their construction and modifications spanned 3 miles, 20 bridges, and used 220,000 CY of concrete pavement. Through tireless efforts, TxDOT widened highway sections and added new connections that will offer Texas motorists safer and more reliable travel experiences.   

Starting in August 2018, HVJ had the immense privilege to support Jacobs Engineering while contributing to TxDOT’s efforts to improve North Texas transportation. HVJ performed its role by providing accurate and on-time Owner Verification and Inspection services, in addition to more general guidance with Engineering Judgment Recommendations. Working on the Interchange with TxDOT gave HVJ the opportunity to positively affect the surrounding communities.  

The DFW Connector I-635/SH 121 Interchange is an extraordinary achievement whose positive impact will be felt across North Texas. TxDOT has performed a great service to the people of Texas, and HVJ Associates is proud to have been part of the team to make it happen.  

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