HVJ Wins Repeat Pavement Rehab Contract with the City of Austin

February 21, 2023

HVJ Associates® has a 30-year track record of completing projects for The City of Austin. We are happy to announce that we have again been awarded the contract for the city's Arterial Street Pavement Rehabilitation Program. The total cost of construction for this engineering contract is estimated at $10,500,000.  We highly value participating in projects that make communities better and safer.

As part of this contract, we will deliver design and construction documents for traditional street pavement rehabilitation. This includes IDIQ contractor bid price review, existing pavement evaluation, design of appropriate pavement rehabilitation, and coordination with various stakeholders (city departments, Capital METRO for bus route impacts, designers of other nearby or overlapping projects, etc.). The projects include developing construction documents, such as Traffic Control Plans, site-specific repair details, and field engineering support.  We prepare full PS&E documents for bids for streets requiring more significant rehabilitation. 

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