Meet Harry Patel:  CoMET Technical Lead

October 5, 2021

Harry Patel’s relationship with HVJ Associates® now spans more than thirty years, and in that time, he has earned a reputation not just for technical expertise—our clients know they can rely on Harry for the deep guidance he provides through his project team. This is made possible by his team’s commitment to the final outcome of a given project.  

Patel started with HVJ as a Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET) field technician, helping ensure the safety and viability of construction projects by assessing the quality of the materials with respect to their role in the project. Harry and his team can be counted on for going beyond the simple “pass or fail”, offering practical, safe and cost-effective recommendations.  

With each passing year, Harry continues to find ways to increase his contribution at HVJ. Today, he is the Houston CoMET Department Manager, and soon, his role will expand to CoMET Technical Lead and Business Development. 

When asked about his achievements with HVJ, Harry defers credit to HVJ’s leadership for developing his skills and giving him “room to grow.” Maybe it’s their shared virtue of gratitude and humility that has made their partnership so fruitful. Wherever credit is due, Patel’s service at HVJ is a testament to what strong relationships can accomplish.  

Patel is a licensed professional engineer in Texas and his certifications include NICET Level III (Soil, Concrete, Asphalt),  NICET Level II (Geotechnical), and TXDOT Asphalt Level 1A.  

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