Meet Mark McDaniel, Sr. Project Manager Austin Pavement Branch

September 23, 2021

Profile_Mark McDanielSince joining HVJ Associates® in June of 2018 Mark has had a significant impact on the way HVJ directs projects and crafts solutions to roadblocks. Mark is recognized for paring down the details to simple solutions and determinations guided by his mantra of decisions based upon, “What works and what doesn’t work”. 

This common-sense attitude has allowed Mark to improve roadway pavement design processes based on environmental challenges and changes. Moisture challenges and weather-related damage can undermine select materials, and this can lead to the breakdown of roadways over time. Isolation of processes and design techniques that are causing issues with roadway integrity is a matter of importance that Mark has ably tackled in his role as Senior Project Manager. 

While more expensive materials can perform better and create more durable roadways, this can also lead to issues with funding, particularly in areas that are not fiscally prepared for large and expensive road maintenance projects. Mark works hard on the roadblocks that make these necessary repairs difficult and finds solutions that will take care of necessary repairs with sound materials that fit into budgetary concerns. 

Mark’s extensive experience with civil engineering as well as materials and design have led him to provide forensic levels of attention to detail that are paired with his excellent problem-solving skills. HVJ utilizes his immense skill set on a daily basis to keep roadway projects moving forward within budgetary and safety parameters. 

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