Project Announcement: Dallas Love Field Airport

May 22, 2024

 We're thrilled to share our involvement as part of the PGAL team, contributing our expertise in geotechnical services for constructing the aircraft rescue and firefighting station (ARFF) #21 at Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas.

The City of Dallas Department of Aviation, in collaboration with Dallas Love Field Airport, is replacing the current ARFF #21 facility with a state-of-the-art building. The new structure, designed as a single-story building with a footprint of approximately 33,500 square feet, will serve as both an ARFF and operations center.

One of the critical features of this project is the seamless integration of the new building with the airport's infrastructure. Access to the airfield from the ARFF building will be facilitated by a newly constructed apron pavement, which will connect to Taxiway F. Additionally, a return apron pavement will be established to provide a direct link to Taxilane W, ensuring efficient movement and operation within the airport grounds. 

This project represents a significant advancement in the facilities at Love Field Airport. It enhances safety and operational capabilities to better serve the needs of travelers and aviation personnel. 

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