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Local Knowledge Leads to Accelerated Completion

June 3, 2020

S Jafar, 2-20-1

Syed Jafar

Executive Vice President, South Central Texas

The projects that we execute at HVJ have very focused objectives. For example, one of our primary objectives is providing accurate testing and reporting – which informs critical decisions at each step of the process.

We value being trusted advisors so that clients can deliver their promises on schedule. Throughout the process, we help to identify blind spots that could derail the entire project if they are not identified and resolved early on. One blind spot we addressed was being prepared to meet very aggressive timelines that leave no room for delays.

This was the exact scenario we encountered in a recent project in which HVJ provided expertise for 38 miles of highway resurfacing. By carefully evaluating the needs upfront and designing a plan that would allow us to coordinate our work with the client, contractor, and TxDOT effectively, the project was not only on time, but a few weeks early. Most rewarding to me is that we were able to develop a lasting, trusting relationship with our client.

Read more about what we did here: SH359 Case Study

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