Geotechnical Investigations: Overcoming ROW Barriers and Contaminants

November 29, 2023

 Geotechnical engineers encounter all types of challenges, so they must be adept at using out-of-the-box problem-solving and taking a “boots on the ground” approach to getting it done.  

 In our latest case study, we share how HVJ’s team encountered a complex ROW (Right of Way) access barrier on a bridge reconstruction project, only to find an unexpected soil contaminant through their materials investigation. 

 Project Engineer Arthur Aranda explains, “I really like working on geotechnical investigations for very old bridges. You never know what you’re going to encounter. In this project, the contaminated soil was decades old. It was fascinating to figure out where the soil came from, review bridge plans from the 1950s, and learn the area's history. It’s amazing what interesting things we learn when investigating old structures.” 

Read the case study here.

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