Saving Time and Money through HVJ’s Mobile Materials Testing Laboratory

September 27, 2023

Seasoned technicians in the field are familiar with the frustration and inefficiency of shuttling back and forth between a job site and a distant laboratory. Testing construction materials within a controlled lab environment is not just a matter of meeting regulations; it’s crucial for the success and safety of construction projects. 

That’s why when the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) needed to reduce travel time and material testing costs for their Lufkin district projects, we leveraged our extensive expertise in materials testing to bring the lab to them on-site.

Sanjeev Sanjeevan, Vice President of HVJ Associates, explains, “I take pride in the high level of client satisfaction that we achieved with TxDOT Lufkin through this project. By creating an on-site materials testing lab, we were able to enhance the overall experience for our employees and provide a quick turnaround for reliable materials testing, ultimately leading to time and cost savings."

Read our latest case study to explore how our approach was a win for all.  

TxDOT Mobile Lab Accreditation


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